Two old images of Greater Than's founders meeting and working
Company story

Revolutionary AI: where it all began

Back in 2003, there was a meeting of great minds. Sten Forseke, the founder of a company that designed and manufactured electronic systems and telematics for automotive OEMs, and Anders Lindelöf, an inventor, problem solver and business developer.

A lightbulb moment

Sten’s work involved the use of “traditional” telematics parameters of harsh braking, acceleration, cornering, “speed to speed sign” and so on. And, while such events have a clear link with smooth driving, safety, vehicle wear-and-tear, and other factors, Sten realized that there was no direct correlation to crash risk, or fuel consumption.

Rewriting the rules

In 2004 Anders started to investigate the “rules based” model and experimented with the use of a self-learning model (early AI) to predict driving outcomes. By gradually training an algorithm with more and more criteria, he eventually recognized it was possible to predict who would crash, and why. Sten and Anders knew that understanding the driver better was valuable information for companies globally.

Old images of when Greater Than was founded

Dedicated to positive change

Greater Than was founded by Sten and Anders in 2004, with CEO Liselott Johansson soon coming on board. The company was – and remains – committed to helping drivers increase awareness, to improve road safety and reduce CO2 emissions. Working with clients over the years, they have demonstrated the AI’s ability to predict crashes and climate impact with astonishing accuracy.

Making an impact, today

Today, Greater Than works with insurance, mobility, driver risk management and automotive companies to enable them to measure the driver influence on crash probability and climate impact. This facilitates sustainability management and ESG reporting, and transforms the understanding, mitigation, and pricing of risk.

Nature road with cars with AI GPS data

Technology like no other

Twenty-years on, our AI remains globally unique. Developed years before most people had heard of AI, our longevity, and capabilities in analyzing driver impact are unrivaled. And it’s why we remain ahead of our competitors as the global benchmark for measuring driver influence on safety and sustainability.

20 years of training

Our data is collected from real driving on public roads, equivalent to almost 1 million man-years of driving. Just 1km of driving data is enough to rapidly predict crash probability and climate impact.

Unique driver patterns
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