Climate Impact Score

Accurate sustainability insights to quantify, mitigate, and report on climate impact.

Identify climate impact

With Greater Than’s Climate Impact Score, you can easily identify the eco credentials of drivers, regardless of geography, vehicle type or fuel type. Our AI analyzes your GPS data to identify driver impact on the environment, as a result of driver attitude.


Manage climate footprint

Our Climate Impact Score quantifies climate impact to put you in greater control. The Score can be used to:

  • Measure CO2 savings (grams or %), or EV battery savings
  • Identify drivers in need of eco training
  • Support sustainability efforts and strengthen Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting

Our customers are keen to take ownership of their climate impact and help their drivers minimize their CO2 emissions as well as safely return home to their loved ones at the end of each workday. This exciting new partnership between eDriving and Greater Than will help to accelerate that goal.

Ed Dubens

CEO/Founder of eDriving

Car driving on road in the desert

Accelerate eco change

Because our Climate Impact Score identifies the correlation between driver attitude and energy consumption, it empowers drivers to take responsibility for their own climate impact. Any user of GPS driving data can use our Score to:

  • Help drivers see their impact on the environment
  • Incentivize drivers to adopt more eco-friendly behaviors
  • Reduce energy consumption by an average of 20%


It's easy to get started

All we need is GPS data that can be shared via a smartphone app, SDK in an existing app or API from dashcam, connected car, telematics device, or other system.


Choose a data source

There are different options for connecting your GPS data:

  • API
  • SDK
  • Smartphone app

Data is processed

Our AI processes and analyzes every trip to provide:

  • CO2 savings in grams
  • CO2 savings as a percentage
  • Uniform measure of climate impact

Insights are visualized

Choose where the analyzed data should be pushed to:

  • Existing management system
  • Climate Impact Dashboard
  • Driver app or SDK

Add-ons to understand, measure and take action on the data

Our Climate Impact Score provides valuable insights for sustainability management. The score can be further enhanced with additional intelligence including a real-time, dynamic dashboard, prevention tool, and analytics reports.

Visual overview of driver climate impact and trends.

Intervention tool to manage and mitigate climate impact.

Insightful summary reports of crash probability or climate impact.