From history of a group to future risk of an individual.

The Enerfy Risk Tracker is taking underwriting from being based in the history of a group to be based on the future cost of an individual — data used for optimized and dynamic premiums, smarter customer retention and new conversion.

Enerfy Risk Tracker ensures pricing new and old risk is done in the most effective way to improve bottom-line performance and can conveniently be used on any customer base without any IT integration.

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A selection of solutions for next-generation risk and driver management.


Offers a wide variety of flexible pricing models, such as PAYG, PHYD, monthly dynamic and more.

Customer satisfaction is key to long-term success. Engage and delight your customers for improved customer retention.

Engage and delight drivers by offering loyalty statuses, badges, rewards, competitions and leader boards.

Understanding driving styles and individual driving habits can help improve your driving and create a safer environment for you and others.

The new economy demands flexible and excellent customer experiences. Car booking, P2P car sharing, messaging and more are available at you fingertips.

Digital traditional

Create a customer-friendly digital interface where your customers get a superior customer experience and interact with you with ease.

Ride hailing

Toggling between commercial- and private driving has never been easier.

Driver risk management

Get a totally new understanding of driver risk management, regardless of geography or vehicle type, by using our highly advanced AI.

Customer cases and projects

Toyota KINTO

Toyota KINTO

The gamified loyalty program pilot for KINTO, Toyota’s car subscription services, is based on Greater Than’s AI technology, risk insights, […]

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Greater Than has in partnership with the MGA Covercube tailored a freemium version of the UBI app that allows motorists […]

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