Crash Probability Score

Advanced driver risk analytics to predict crash probability, type, and associated cost.

Unlock powerful intelligence

Greater Than’s Crash Probability Score brings a new dimension to driver risk management. Our AI analyzes your GPS data throughout a whole trip to uncover new layers of real-time intelligence about crash probability, as a result of driver attitude.

Uncover new risk insights

Our Crash Probability Score gives you predictive, data-driven insights into driving risk. The score can be used to:

  • Identify high-risk drivers for targeted training or intervention
  • Recognize and engage the safest drivers
  • Facilitate precision pricing in motor insurance

The collaboration with Greater Than suits us perfectly as both parties strive to use the latest technology to distribute customer-centric solutions that contribute to easy and sustainable mobility and a happy user experience.

Yasuyuki Nunokawa

Office of the KINTO President, KINTO, Global

Showing high crash probability among a group of drivers.

Accurately segmentize risk

At Greater Than, our AI can identify the 15% of drivers who are responsible for 50% of crashes as well as the 85% of drivers who are lowest risk. These insights facilitate:

  • Enhanced driver risk management
  • Insurance profitability
  • Monetization of GPS data

It's easy to get started

All we need is GPS data that can be shared via a smartphone app, SDK in an existing app or API from dashcam, connected car, telematics device, or other system.


Choose a data source

There are different options for connecting your GPS data:

  • API
  • SDK
  • Smartphone app

Data is processed

Our AI processes and analyzes every trip to identify:

  • Crash probability per driver
  • Relative crash cost
  • Crash type

Insights are visualized

Choose where the analyzed data should be pushed to:

  • Existing management system
  • Crash Probability Dashboard
  • Driver app or SDK

Add-ons to understand, measure and take action on the data

Our Crash Probability Score provides valuable insights into driving risk. The score can be further enhanced with additional intelligence including a real-time, dynamic dashboard, prevention tool, and analytics reports.

Visual overview of crash probability and risk trends.

Hands-on tool to predict crash probability and take action.

Insightful summary reports of crash probability or climate impact.