Mockup of crash probability tool

Crash Probability Tool

Get hands-on with risk mitigation by using this add-on to the Crash Probability Score. The Tool makes it easy to identify the drivers who are most likely to be involved in a crash and why, along with recommendations to proactively reduce risk.

Modules showing fleet crash probability score and a list of drivers from highest to lowest score

Predict and prevent crashes

Filter the data according to your needs, such as “50 drivers with highest crash probability”. For each driver, see why they are high risk, how risk level has changed and what action is needed.

  • Identify changes in driver risk level
  • Understand reasons behind risk level
  • View recommendations to reduce risk
  • Log action taken and monitor progress
Showing crash probability trend changing for a driver

A powerful tool in risk management

The Crash Probability Tool is utilized across industries, including:

  • Insurance: for risk engineering teams to understand and mitigate risk
  • Telematics providers: to help fleet managers prioritize driver training and reduce risk
  • Fleet management companies: to identify action needed to reduce risk
  • Mobility companies: for driver engagement

Add-ons and Score to measure, act and report on the data

Predictive, data-driven insights into driving risk.

Visual overview of crash probability and risk trends.

Your solution to measure, act and report on crash probability and climate impact.

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Screen mockup of the Crash Probability Tool

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