Crash probability tool

Crash Probability Tool

A powerful tool in predict and prevent driver risk management. Identify crash probability, type, and associated cost for every driver in real-time, as well as the primary contributors to the driver’s risk level and recommended action to remediate risk.

Crash probability tool modules showing crash probability status in a fleet.

Predict crash type and cost

Our Crash Probability Tool provides unrivaled levels of data-driven intelligence to predict crash probability, type, and cost. With this easy-to-use driver risk management tool, you can:

  • View drivers by risk level (e.g. 100 highest risk)
  • See crash type and cost
  • Observe risk level changes between trips and days
  • Identify contributory factors to risk level
UI elements in crash probability report. Showing driver scoring over time and assigning driver training.

Prevent future crashes

Armed with deep insights into risk level, it’s easy to take remedial action. Our Crash Probability Tool helps to reduce driver risk by:

  • Providing insight into why a driver is assigned a particular Crash Probability Score
  • Recommending a course of action, such as a conversation or training
  • Enabling the action to be tracked and evaluated

Add-ons and Score to measure, act and report on the data

Predictive, data-driven insights into driving risk.

Visual overview of crash probability and risk trends.

Your solution to measure, act and report on crash probability and climate impact.

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