A mockup of the climate impact dashboard

Climate Impact Dashboard

Strengthen your sustainability management with dynamic climate impact insights. Maximize the value of your Climate Impact Score with advanced intelligence about driver eco performance and trends, and the option to deep dive into individual drivers and trips.

Chart showing climate impact trend for a fleet of vans

Achieve a greener future

View environmental impact across an entire driving population and understand the factors contributing to Climate Impact Scores. Gain valuable knowledge of CO2 usage to identify areas for intervention. The Climate Impact Dashboard:

  • Provides company-level view of climate impact
  • Enables comparison and analysis at driver level
  • Supports Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) reporting requirements
Modules in Climate Impact Dashboard showing eco distribution over time

Identify climate impact trends

Understand the factors contributing to climate impact at the group or individual driver level. Drill down into days of the week, times of day, location, individual drivers, and individual trips. This facilitates detailed sustainability reporting and supports prompt identification of climate impact risk factors and driver training needs.

By helping fleet drivers understand the impact of their driving on the environment, Mentor and EcoDrive can help them evolve to more eco- friendly behaviors.

Ed Dubens

Founder, of eDriving

Add-ons and Score to measure, act and report on the data

Real-time insights to quantify climate impact.

Insightful summary reports of crash probability or climate impact.

Your solution to measure, act and report on crash probability and climate impact.

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A dashboard showing Climate impact stats on mobility

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