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ESG Reporting Solutions

Converting GPS data into crash probability and climate impact to track, act, and report on ESG and sustainability management.

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Scale up sustainability

Sustainability regulations are changing fast, and the pressure is on to be open about climate impact. Additionally, your customers are looking for solutions to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Via a simple GPS data connection, you can now obtain advanced intelligence for sustainability management and ESG reporting.

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Quantify environmental impact

At Greater Than, our Climate Impact Score is the starting point to elevate your sustainability and ESG efforts. Benefits:

  • Measure driver CO2 savings in grams
  • See consistent data across location, vehicle type, fuel type
  • Set targets for improvement and evaluate CO2 savings in %
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Support eco efforts

With the environment in sharp focus, factors such as climate impact and sustainability are driving buying trends. Using Greater Than’s AI to analyze your GPS data, you can help your customers:

  • Easily access new driver climate impact insights
  • Reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 20%
  • Produce sustainability or ESG reports
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Customer case

FIA inspires safe, sustainable driving, globally

FIA developed the FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC), in partnership with Greater Than, the world’s only challenge that unites all road users and encourages smart, safe, eco-friendly driving.

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It's easy to get started

All we need is GPS data that can be shared via a smartphone app, SDK in an existing app or API from dashcam, connected car, telematics device, or other system.


Choose a data source

There are different options for connecting your GPS data:

  • API
  • SDK
  • Smartphone app

Data is processed

Our AI processes and analyzes every trip to provide:

  • CO2 savings in grams
  • CO2 savings as a percentage
  • Uniform measure of climate impact

Insights are visualized

Choose where the analyzed data should be pushed to:

  • Existing management system
  • Climate Impact Dashboard
  • Driver app or SDK

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