Crash Probability Dashboard

Elevate your understanding of driving risk with real-time crash probability insights. Compare risk across times, days, locations and many other factors, with the ability to dive deep into individual drivers and trips. Quickly identify changes in risk, and reasons why.

Modules in Crash probability dashboard showing risk trend data

Access dynamic risk insights

From top level down, see how your entire driving population contributes to risk level. Understand the factors influencing crash probability and identify areas requiring attention. Benefits:

  • Enables faster understanding of loss ratio
  • Facilitates risk-based pricing and precision pooled pricing
  • Provides data-driven intelligence to identify crash probability and decrease crash risk and severity
Modules showing time risk distribution and risk on a map

Visualize crash probability

Filter crash probability by time or day for new insights into risk contributors. For example, understand if crash probability is higher at night, at a certain time of day, or on a certain day of the week. Dive deeper to see:

  • How crash probability changes for drivers over time
  • Drivers whose crash probability changes suddenly
  • Crash probability by driver, vehicle, or specific trip

Our collaboration with Greater Than allows customers to leverage their fleet data from Geotab to proactively identify the probability of collisions, creating an opportunity for risk remediation and potentially avoiding injury, vehicle downtime and additional costs.

Jim Davis

VP Insurance at Geotab

Add-ons and Score to measure, act and report on the data

Predictive, data-driven insights into driving risk.

Hands-on tool to predict crash probability and take action.

Your solution to measure, act and report on crash probability and climate impact.

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