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We take pride in our capacity to bring innovative AI based solutions to drive profitability to world leading brands. With our flagship product Enerfy Global, our customers get real-time risk insights, such a pricing of risk per individual car, down to each trip driven. At the same time, customers get access to new ways to attract customers with new business models, suitable to target groups rather than for the entire collective.

Enerfy global is an easily implemented solution to be used on an existing customer base or to be bundled with current product offering and can be used as a stand-alone product offering. The full-service solution provides scalable and responsive white-label products, digital features and apps - without integration hurdles or high up-front cost. The platform covers all steps in the digitization process and offers total customizable end-user products when it comes to functions, branding and design.

The robust AI solution is applicable independently of geographically position of the car and can be applied to any vehicle type, no matter fuel used or whom is driving.

And the best is – we don’t need any historical claims stat to price risk and predict future loss ratio.

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By plugging-in to our platform you’ll automatically get suggestions on apps and features tailored for your business needs. However, you know your business the best, so pick and choose any feature you’d like to use to scale up the full service offering suited for your business and end-customers.

Insurance Providers

With the Enerfy platform, all steps in the digitization process and offering is covered. Utilize a seamless IT integration, interface for onboarding end-users, real-time risk insights analytics tools and customized apps including claims handling and personalized in app communication with your policy holders.

Auto manufactures

Enerfy empowers automotive industry with access to competitive content and tools for dynamic pricing tailored for car subscriptions, private lease, carpools and car sharing. With an unmatched combination of real-time risk insight and a palette of end-user apps and features such as dynamic pricing, insurance solutions, end-user apps and in-app feedback and gamification to be included in the infotainment system.

New mobility

Enerfy provide new opportunities to price and reward individual driving behaviour. With real-time insight into risk, Enerfy’s dynamic pricing model per individual user enables an efficient and fair transparent pricing for both operators and end-users.


We make better drivers.
You enjoy lower risk.

Accurate pricing, claims reduction,
driver improvement, CO2 reduction.

  • 480 white label apps and functions
  • 50 insurance solutions
  • Monthly subscription per end user
  • end-to-end solution
  • One click onboarding

Enerfy Loyalty

The Future of Customer Experience is now

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Engage with your costumers and help them drive safer. Enerfy Loyalty is a powerful tool to endorse safe drivers and loyal customers with a gradual reduction of their deductible.

And at the same time, gain a whole new set of data providing real-time, predictive data on each customer - from the best to the worst risk, and the entire spectra in between.

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