Enerfy AI - Data mining and pattern profiling since 2004.

  • Our AI is trained with real claims and fuel consumption
  • Driver data processed and verified from more than 106 countries and 1600 cities
  • Experience equivalent to 855.000 man-years of driving
  • Our AI has discovered over 7 billion unique DriverDNA’s

Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker – your key to operational excellence.

Easily connect your entire book for one view on actual risk and CO2 impact for;

  • Increased profitability
  • 5 to 10% lower loss ratio and less road injuries
  • Improved driver engagement and much more

The Enerfy AI DriverDNA suite.

Greater Than’s cloud-based AI data analytics services can be used no matter where in the world and regardless of vehicle type. Enerfy is our plug and play toolkit that helps you assess and price driver risk and CO2 impact and understand your future cost of road crashes.

Risk profile

Crash probability per driver in real-time. Provides new level of targeted risk management.

  • Precision pricing
  • Continuous valuation of portfolio risk
  • Risk mitigation
Eco profile

A driver’s impact on energy and fuel efficiency in real-time.

  • Understand your environmental impact
  • Reduce your CO2 and environmental footprint
  • Lower your operational costs
EV profile

A driver’s battery mileage impact.

  • Understand why drivers get different mileage out of the same battery
  • Get more mileage out of your battery
  • Instant feedback on energy efficiency
Smart Driving score

The combination of safe- and eco driving

  • As used in the global FIA Smart Driving Challenge
  • For driver gamification and inspiration
  • For a holistic view on driver performance

Take the fast lane to success.

Our solution is system agnostic and operates with any already installed telematics systems or via smartphone apps to provide a uniform measurement of risk regardless of vehicle type or geography.

Choose a data source

There are different options for receiving GPS data:

  • API
  • SDK
  • Enerfy white label app

Data is processed

Enerfy database process and analyze every trip for e.g.:

  • Crash probability per driver
  • Relative crash cost
  • Climate impact

Insights are visualized

Choose where the analyzed data should be pushed to:

  • Existing management system
  • Enerfy Risk tracker
  • Driver app or SDK

Customer cases

Toyota KINTO

Toyota KINTO

The gamified loyalty program pilot for KINTO, Toyota’s car subscription services, is based on Greater Than’s AI technology, risk insights, […]

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