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We take pride in our capacity to bring innovative AI-based solutions to drive profitability to world-leading brands. With our flagship AI product Enerfy Global, our customers get covered with PREDICTIVE real-time risk insights, such pricing of risk per individual car, and a palette of solutions targeting the best end-consumers.

We started to develop our AI back in 2004 by feeding it with real-time driving data from cars around the world. Today, our database consists of near one billion driving profiles, and seven patents protect our world unique analysis methods, which are applicable worldwide - independently of the geographical position of the car, the vehicle type, or who is driving the car.

And the best is – we don’t need any historical claims stat to price risk and predict future loss ratio. We take historical group data analysis into the future by predicting the future cost per the individual.

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Enerfy risk portfolio tracker

From history of a group to future risk of an individual.

The Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker is taking underwriting from being based in the history of a group to be based on the future cost of an individual — data used for optimised and dynamic premiums, smarter customer retention and new conversion. Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker ensures pricing new and old risk is done in the most effective way to improve bottom-line performance and can conveniently be used on any customer base without any IT integration.

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Pro-active loss control

- Predictive approach to risk avoidance
- Pro-active financial planning

Targeted marketing

- Smarter retention of risk
- Targeted customer acquisition

Enhanced price modelling

- Precise prediction of loss propensity
- More granular pricing models

The future of underwriting

- More granular risk differentiation
- Dynamic pricing

Enerfy Loyalty

The Future of Customer Experience is now

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One-stop, cloud-based loyalty builder creating an extensive brand experience. It’s the way to gain access to new predictive risk data on your book, while at the same me engage with your existing and future costumers.

Enerfy Loyalty provides full visibility of risk and predictive data on each customer - from the best to the worst risk - and can be applied to any motor book on top of existing products. Enerfy Loyalty is a new way to interact and endorse safe and loyal customers - without the need for any policy change.


  • Fixed price per car and month
  • No upfront investment
  • No binding subscriptions
  • Full feature app with four rewarding levels
  • SMS onboarding
  • App2Car connectivity
  • Real-me risk analysis by Enerfy Risk Porolio tracker
    providing full visibility per end-user and the total
    motor book performance

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Enerfy SDK

Access the world’s best insurtech platform

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With our SDK we’ve made it possible to integrate all our services directly into any app. Get started and reach out. Access our full-stack app solutions to delight customers, grow revenues, and make it possible to push into new markets.

The Enerfy SDK provides a range of features which are designed to help expand any existing application within example predictive risk insight, app-based insurance solutions, dynamic pricing, loyalty program, gamification, CO2 emission control and many more fullservice features in an efficient manner. The SDK can be included in your current project, based on which platform you are targeting.

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The SDK for Android is written in (Java) and supports projects which targets the Android platform.

The IOS SDK is written in (Objective-C) and supports projects targeting the iPhone platform.

The SDK has a wrapper for Xamarin to work in (C#) based projects targeting the Android platform.

The SDK in general supports methods to start and stop a drive to get insightful data from Greater Than’s AI.