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We keep the world moving in a sustainable way

Greater Than is a data analytics company providing an AI analysis platform that predicts driver-related risk and CO2 emissions—delivered in a toolkit of SaaS products for pricing and management for the insurance, mobility, and fleet industries.

Our products and solutions grow the customers’ businesses profitably whilst encouraging responsibility and proactivity to improve road safety and reduce carbon emissions.

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AI solves urgent global challenges

With 1.3 million people dying and over 50 million people being injured on the world’s roads, costing an estimated 518 billion USD in 2021, road accidents need to be reduced by 50% by the year 2030, according to the UN initiative Action for Road Safety.  Demand for environmental solutions is also growing, as emissions from transportation must be decreased by 70% by the year 2035. As a part of the solution, auto insurance can play a vital role when more individualized premiums are applied.

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Insurtech is the next fintech

Motor insurance is a mandatory and global market worth more than 1,000 BUSD. It is also an unprofitable market driven by legacy systems and policies. Combatting these inefficiencies, the insurance sector is currently undertaking its biggest ever transformation with the major shift being towards technology-driven, fully personalized offerings. Based on the solid position that Greater Than has established with its AI-based analysis tools, the company is already substantially contributing to the ongoing transformation.

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Clients with the sight on the future

Greater Than has attracted a broad spectrum of well-known customers. These solid reference customers and use-cases demonstrate the solution’s value, validating the proposition and its component products to quickly transform industries.

Greater Than’s customer portfolio includes large insurance brands, such as Zurich Insurance and MSIG, for which Greater Than provide AI risk data analysis and fully digitalized or hybrid insurance solutions. Among the mobility companies on the rise, Toyota KINTO (Japan’s largest mobility service), ONTO (the UK’s largest electric car-sharing service), Car Club (Singapore’s largest car-sharing service), Carro (Southeast Asia’s most comprehensive vehicle platform) are all customers of Greater Than.

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We are set to scale

Our commitment to corporate governance strengthens the trust our investors, employees, and customers have in us. We continue this ethos to maintain this confidence as we grow.

We have made substantial investments toward our expansion and have a solid portfolio of products and distribution networks for our ongoing growth. Our board, management and employees contribute fully alongside highly dedicated international teams with diverse backgrounds, experience, expertise and skills that propel us forward with a sustained competitive edge.

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