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Analytics reports

Dive deeper into the Crash Probability Score and Climate Impact Score with regular reports that summarize performance and trends. Receive insightful data-driven intelligence at a frequency of your choice to enable smarter, more profitable business decisions.

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Discover valuable insights

Truly understand crash probability and climate impact at the individual and organizational level. Our reports provide deep insights with easy access so you can quickly identify:

  • Changes in performance over time
  • Reasons for change
  • Opportunities for intervention
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Customize what matters

Benefit from the data-driven intelligence that matters most to you, without the need to allocate precious resources to data analysis. With our crash probability or climate impact reports, you can:

  • Deep dive into specific KPIs, for example crash risk by zip code or crash risk by time of day
  • Filter for a specific time period for a complete snapshot of risk
  • Customize the reports to suit your needs

Add-ons and Score to measure, act and report on the data

Visual overview of crash probability and risk trends.

Real-time insights to quantify climate impact.

Your solution to measure, act and report on crash probability and climate impact.

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