Our AI price risk per car in real-time

Helping auto insurance carriers improve loss ratio and car manufacturers with new business models
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Enerfy is an end to end turnkey white label solution

Your own branded mobile app for the end-user
Access to a webtool to price, manage & mitigate risk
Integrated with our AI-platform to calculate each trips risk in real-time


Up to 40% reduction in claims frequency


CO2 is what an average driver saves by using our technology


billion driven kilometers

500 million unique driving situations

With a database of 500 millions unique driving situations together with AI & machine learning we can calculate each trips risk in real time.


FIA Smart Driving Challenge

Together with the largest mobility and motorsport organization in the world FIA & Greater Than created a new competition based on the Enerfy technology. Read more


Both in Norway and Denmark has Tryg launched insurances based on the Enerfy tech. Both insurances rewards low risk drivers and through gamification incentivizes a cheaper insurance. Read more

Comfort DelGro Eye

ComfortDelGro launched an insurance for their own taxi company which makes it easier for them to price and mitigate risk, while also leveraging gamification between the drivers to drive down risk. Read more


1. Just upload your brand colors and logo.
2. All we need is the license plate number and your base insurance price.
3. The price is per user/month - based on volume and which functions you want.

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