See driver risk differently.

Our globally unique pattern-based AI provides insurers, mobility providers and fleets with real-time risk and CO2 insights for smarter, more profitable business decisions.

Enerfy AI DriverDNA - The next level of predictive risk understanding.

Get relevant and actionable insights in real-time about driver risk and CO2 impact. The Enerfy AI suite consists of 4 main DriverDNA profiles for pricing and management of insurance, mobility and fleets.

  • Precision pricing - driving better profitability.
  • Risk mitigation - improved loss ratio and fewer road injuries.

  • Portfolio management - driver engagement and customer retention.

Crash probability per driver in real-time.

A driver’s impact on energy and fuel efficiency in real-time.

A driver’s impact on battery mileage.

The combination of safe and eco driving.

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Underwriting excellence and dynamic pricing.

Insurance solutions

New mobility

Risk management and new insurance models.

New mobility solutions


Risk management and sustainability solutions.

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Driver engagement and new ownership solutions.

Automotive solutions

Instant insights. Quick results.

Connect your vehicles for better risk management, regardless of vehicle type or geography. Our DriverDNA gives instant, continuous and predictive insights into the risk per driver which allows multiple pricing and service schemes across industries.

This makes it perfect to identify and act on emerging risks as it presents the actual risk per trip no matter how many drivers operate a vehicle. Use the insights to better manage driver risk and fleet safety, increase profitability and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our AI requires minimal GPS data, which can be obtained from any installed telematics system, dash cam or other connected devices, or via the smartphone.

We provide standard APIs, SDKs and white label apps for a seamless integration that allows for quick ROI.

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Customer cases

Toyota KINTO

Toyota KINTO

The gamified loyalty program pilot for KINTO, Toyota’s car subscription services, is based on Greater Than’s AI technology, risk insights, […]

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