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GPS data optimization

Advanced data insights for analytical-driven business models and monetization of mobility data.

Showing crash probability and co2 savings in percentage and grams for a van driving on a road.

Uncover deeper risk insights

Artificial intelligence can reveal new layers of knowledge from GPS driving data to determine driver crash probability, type, and cost. These deeper risk insights facilitate a greater understanding of customer risk and unlock valuable opportunities for competitive product development and monetization of data.

Traffic on multiple lanes with city in background

Sharpen existing GPS data

Greater Than’s AI uses an advanced driver analytics process that optimizes existing driving scores or mobility data by uncovering crash probability and climate impact. Key benefits:

  • Crash probability or climate impact profile for every driver
  • Identification of 15% of drivers responsible for 50% of crashes
  • Prediction of crash type and associated cost
Illustration of how driving data through an API can provide Greater Than with data to identify drivers risk.

Monetize your data

At Greater Than, we can enhance the value of your raw GPS data by quantifying it, grading it, and pricing it. By connecting your driving data via API, SDK, or smartphone app, you can:

  • Uncover deep insights to verify risk
  • Segmentize target groups
  • Identify new products, including tailored insurance