Car driving high up on a mountain. Phone showing FIA SDC app with 2023 season challenge.

FIA inspires safe, sustainable driving, globally

How the governing body for world motor sport used Greater Than's data analysis to launch the first global smart driving challenge

About the FIA

Founded in 1904, the FIA’s initial aim was to bring coherent governance and safety to motor sport.

Through the expertise gained in that arena, the FIA has since grown into a global organization that not only promotes motor sport, but also safe, sustainable and accessible mobility for all road users across the world.

Facts and figures

Year established: 1904

HQ: Paris

Clubs: 244

Members: 80 million


Luca Pascotto

Hear from Luca Pascotto, the Road Safety and Global Advocacy at the FIA, about what the FIA does and how they use Greater Than’s technology.

Luca explains how the FIA Smart Driving Challenge measures driver safety and sustainability, and why this is important to the FIA.

At the FIA, we promote access to safe, sustainable and inclusive mobility as a right for all. The FIA SDC is an important initiative as it supports this commitment globally by empowering everyday drivers to take greater control over their impact on safety and the environment when at the wheel.

Tim Shearman

FIA Deputy President for Automobile Mobility and Tourism

Cars driving in a curve in the nature.

FIA’s dedication to safe and sustainable mobility

The FIA is committed to making global mobility safer and more sustainable for all and recognizes that we all need to be part of the solution to solving the climate crisis. While we all need to get from A to B, it believes the industry can also innovate, introduce and transfer technology that shows environmental leadership, including meeting carbon neutrality targets.

Comprised of 244 motoring and motor sport club members in 146 countries, the FIA is in a unique position to facilitate communication and the exchange of ideas among its 80 million members.

Man holding the FIA Smart Driving Challenge 2022 trophy in his hand.

A global driving challenge

In partnership with Greater Than, the FIA developed the FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC), the world’s only challenge that unites all road users and encourages smart, safe, eco-friendly driving.

By encouraging everyday drivers to adopt skills that are better for safety and sustainability, it has the potential to make a tremendous impact on the future of the planet.

The FIA SDC app:

  • Was launched in 2019
  • Measures climate impact: including CO2 savings in grams or %, or EV battery savings
  • Measures crash probability
  • Provides feedback to improve driving
  • Works independently of location, vehicle type, fuel type

Results from FIA SDC 2023 Season

climate impact compared to the average driver
countries represented
final took place in Dubai, UAE
Cars driving on a bridge forward a city. It's a blue sky with low clouds over the city. Image of a phone with the FIA SDC app showing Today's results on it.

Using gamification to incentivize smart driving

Each FIA SDC season consists of monthly heats, each lasting four weeks. Three qualifying drivers from each heat are entered into online playoffs towards the end of the Season. The playoffs are followed by a live head-to-head finale between the top two drivers. During COVID-19 this took place in a digital format. The winner of the grand finale is crowned “World’s Smartest Driver”.

I’ve enjoyed competing in the FIA Smart Driving Challenge, and taking victory is just the cherry on the cake. Over the course of the season, it’s been rewarding to see myself become a more environmentally friendly, safer, and more considerate driver.

Alexandre Stricher

winner of the FIA SDC 2023 Season

Man leans against a car and checking his phone. Notification from FIA SDC saying

Inspiring change, one driver at a time

Upon joining the FIA SDC, participants are assigned to a team with a professional driving coach. As well as competing individually, each team joins the FIA SDC as a community to demonstrate the value of working together to create positive change on the roads.

The FIA SDC also provides a platform for additional research into driver safety and health. For example, in October 2022, the FIA and Greater Than launched a three-month Subevent with the FIA SDC’s official timing partner, Garmin. The “Drive Well Challenge – powered by Garmin” enabled Greater Than to conduct a study on the relationship between driver health and road risk.

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