Portrait Liselott Johansson CEO at Greater Than

Liselott Johansson

Employed: 2008
Born: 1975
Education: Design Engineer, Skövde University.
Shareholding: 91,088 (last change 12/6 2020 +250 shares)
Independent vis-à-vis the company and major shareholders: Yes/No

Liselott Johansson, Chief Executive Officer since 2008. As our CEO, Liselott is responsible for guiding the company’s vision and strategy and leading the management team.
Prior to joining Greater Than, Liselott worked as Senior Executive Project Manager at Stoneridge Electronics and as Head of Electronics and Information Systems for Vehicle Manufacturers with customers such as Volvo, Scania, DaimlerChrysler, and MAN. Liselott also has a background at the healthcare company SHL where she handled product development and production and expansion in new markets.


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