Heiko Schilling

Heiko Schilling
Heiko Schilling

Director of Greater Than since: 2022
Born: 1974
Education: Executive MBA, Judge business school, university of Cambridge
Shareholding in Greater Than:
Independency to the company and its major shareholders: Yes/Yes

Heiko Schilling has been a member of our Board of Directors since May 2022. In addition, Heiko is also Technology board member at Gousto and a member of the Non-Executive Directors Club of Financial Times.
Heiko launched his first startup in 1989 – building an online shop system for bookstores. Since then, his passion for algorithms, data, and software led him to start two more business ventures. Heiko Schilling currently leads Amazon’s International Tech Expansion team, which builds the systems that enable Amazon to expand and distribute a customized customer experience to billions of customers. Prior to joining Amazon, Heiko led the development team for navigation at the global navigation and map service provider TomTom for 13 years.