Eva Voors

Eva Voors
Eva Voors

Employed: 2019
Born: 1966
Education: Media and Communication Studies at JMK, Stockholm University.
Shareholding: 240 (last change 27/5 2021 + 99 shares)
Independent vis-à-vis the company and major shareholders: Yes/Yes

Eva Voors is our Chief Communications Officer, responsible for our corporate, IR, and product communications. Prior to joining Greater Than, Eva was interim PR and press officer for the Postcode Lottery (2017–2018). Eva has extensive experience working for international tech companies as Senior Communications advisor at Add Something Red (2013–2017), Chief Marketing Officer at Bambuser (2011–2012), Senior Account Director at the PR agencies Springtime, Mahir, and MS&L/JKL (2007–2011), Head of Communications for Skype Nordic (2005–2007). Eva holds a media and communication science degree from JMK, Stockholm University.

  • +46 (0)708 884 880