Portrait Markus Waldenström CFO at Greater Than

Markus Waldenström

Employed: 2021
Born: 1989
Education: Master’s degree in Business Administration from Lund University, School of Economics and Management, Sweden.
Shareholding: 2,701 (last change 25/5 2021 + 2191 shares)
Independent vis-à-vis the company and major shareholders: Yes/Yes

Markus Waldenström is our Chief Financial Officer responsible for managing Greater Than’s finances, strategy, and operations. Markus is also responsible for identifying and planning the best path for Greater Than’s ongoing growth. Prior to joining Greater Than in 2021, Marcus was for three years investment manager at Telia Ventures, Telia Company’s investment unit, where he was involved in building the business unit. Prior to Telia Ventures, Markus served as Management Associate, for CFO Office at Telia Company and as Senior Associate for Private Equity and Industrial Customers in PwC’s market-leading M&A Transaction Services division.


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