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Claudia van der Salm

Director of Greater Than since: 2023
Born: 1981
Education: BSc & MSc Actuarial Sciences, University of Amsterdam; BSc & MSc Econometrics and Operations Research, University of Groningen
Shareholding in Greater Than: 0
Independency to the company and its major shareholders: Yes/Yes

Claudia is Strategy Partner, Technology, at Google DeepMind, a unit of Google. Google DeepMind is committed to solving intelligence to advance science and benefit humanity. She is also a Member of the Board of Directors at Montoux, New Zealand, an insurtech company providing a next generation actuarial modeling platform for insurers, predominantly in life, health, and the long-term care market.

Prior to her current positions, Claudia worked at global insurer Aegon/Transamerica, where she gained extensive international experience, most notably as Chief Investment Officer and Chief Risk Officer.

Claudia is passionate about lifetime learning and making meaningful contributions to a sustainable future for all.


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