8 April 2020
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Greater Than unveils customized AI based solutions for electric vehicles and hybrids

The Swedish AI and insurtech company Greater Than today unveils its AI based platform and services for electric vehicles and hybrids and thereby broadens its offering for auto insurance, fleet, and OEMs.

With the customized solution that now includes all types of cars, auto insurers, fleets, and car manufacturers will reach immense flexibility with their policies and offerings. By being empowered with entirely new and detailed driving data from hybrid and electric vehicles in real-time, the opportunity is given to learn, and address tailored offerings for EV driving in a completely new way. Bundled in the customized solution, new tools and driving assessment functions tailored for Electric car and Hybrid manufacturers that give the driver increased control for enhancing the battery capacity.

“It is great timing and very exciting to be able to put this offer on the market right now. With an increased number of electric cars and hybrids on the streets, we are pleased to deliver a 100 percent risk analysis and full-service product for all our customers, regardless of the type of vehicle or fuel used. I am very proud to launch this world-unique product on the market right now.” – Says Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than

Greater Than’s AI algorithms have been practicing driving data from electric cars and hybrids around the world for an extended period. The result is that the company’s AI now delivers 99.98 % accuracy in its risk analysis of driving behavior even for drivers of EV and Hybrids – who do not have OBD readers connected in their cars. The accuracy of the risk assessment is at the same level as previously supported by onboarding diagnostics (OBD) readers in the vehicle.

Battery charging to last longer 

There is a direct relationship between driving behavior, energy consumption, and battery performance. Which naturally makes Enerfy Global a pioneering product for real-time battery capacity monitoring. When the service is connected, the driver gains instant insight into how the battery consumption gets affected by the current driving behavior. The feedback gives the driver increased control to adjust the driving behavior accordingly to how long they want the battery to last. Using instant feedback, it is now possible to maximize the capacity of the battery and get the most out of every charge.

Enerfy Global, AI-based risk insight

The Enerfy Global AI technology, and algorithms has been practicing on real driving data since 2004. With its 99,98% accuracy to factual risk, Enerfy Global is today stated as one of the world’s most reliable AI technology to assess and price real-time driving patterns. To date, the AI has made more than 375,500 trillion qualified analyses and take over 400 million decisions daily. By the use of pattern discovery and

clustering algorithms, the data continually mines in real-time on the database of over its 650 million driving reference profiles. The algorithms in-depth details analysis is done down to a multiple of datasets

per second in real-time and taking into consideration the slightest change in driving behavior and instantly correlate it to both risk and carbon footprint. The artificial intelligence layer allows companies to use Greater Than’s AI to gain a new type of data insights, make more informed decisions, and create new business opportunities that exist in their market sectors. Enerfy Global consists of Enerfy Risk Portfolio Tracker and Enerfy Plug’n’Play products and is protected by seven patents in the US and the EU.

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About Greater Than

Greater Than has developed AI that price risk per vehicle in real-time, helping auto insurance carriers and automotive OEMs to reduce claims cost, support new business models and enable behavioral based pricing for new mobility. The company’s flagship product Enerfy Global is a platform with over 480 white label solutions, including AI pricing, digital insurance, gamification and driver influencing Apps. Greater Than partner with global insurance carriers and is the platform for the FIA competition, the FIA Smart Driving Challenge, the first global challenge in safe driving. Greater Than is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. FNCA Sweden AB, +46(0)8-528 00 399, info@fnca.se is Certified Adviser. www.greaterthan.eu