Company description

Greater Than is a marketing and technology company that has developed self-learning algorithms, based on artificial intelligence that, in combination with various measurement methods, creates an individual digital DNA for car drivers in real time. The technology platform named Enerfy allows it to analyse very large amounts of data, down to specific values to understand a driver’s risk or energy profile in real time.

This new approach to analyse Big Data has been developed by Greater Than during a 16 years period. With research, development and practical experience, the Company today has a AI based database and measurement system for measuring in real-time how energy efficient and traffic-safe individual vehicles are driven. The technology is today applied to the Enerfy platform. With over years of experience in how we humans interact with new technology and the development of Enerfy, the company is today extracting information, with the aim of giving customers and its end consumer concrete values based on real-time data. The company believes that its main strength lies in the entrepreneurial approach the company has, focusing on high quality measurement systems that provide relevant and accurate information.