The Enerfy AI Technology

An AI system proven to give the world’s best insight and predictions into risk.

Greater Than’s Artificial Intelligence system Enerfy use sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms based on Deep Learning layers. The system applies pattern discovery and clustering algorithms used on over 650 million driving reference profiles within the system. Each reference profile owns its unique digital DNA and new driving data creates new DNAs and synapses within the AI system to continuously use previous input data within its learning process and through its calculations and analysis.

The Enerfy AI system and insurtech platform is protected by 7 patents and is used worldwide to price risk in real time per individual car.

Devices collage with stats
Devices collage with stats

The Enerfy AI has been trained with driving data since 2004 and identify real-time driving patterns with 99,98% accuracy to factual risk and level of accident probability. Today, the unsupervised AI system learn itself to identify and alert levels of risk and takes into consideration the slightest change in a driving behavior to both an expected accident frequency ratio and energy loss ratio. Enerfy uses and analyses in depth details down to a multiple of datasets per second. Each mentioned second of the dataset creates a pattern that our AI understands in real time and translates to both risk and carbon footprint.