ENERFY - Rethinking car data

We have created a new approach to analyzing Big Data. Through extensive development work, we have created an AI-based insurance technology that can measure and assess smart, safe and eco-friendly driving to create usage-based insurance policies (“UBI”). We call it Enerfy.

Several self-learning AI algorithms, the “brain” of Enerfy, has since 2004 been learning to identify a link between driving patterns, road safety and fuel efficiency. The artificial intelligence is used to correlate an individual driver’s behavior to a predicted claims frequency, making it possible to correlate every single trip driven with an insurance premium.

This means that Enerfy can measure your trips, analyze them, determine the actual risk level of a specific driving behavior during a specific trip and correlate that level to an insurance premium. Counting harsh breaks, accelerations or speed makes less than 1% of our total assessment, making the context and driving circumstances the major part of our AI profiling.

Since the start, our AI has collected enough data to create over half a billion reference profiles – in our case, each reference profile represents a unique driving maneuver - that that we have derived from over 15 billion kilometers of live driving. This data is used by the AI every day to create the most accurate, fair and transparent way to provide pay-as-you-drive-insurance.

The result: a usage-based insurance platform for pay-as-you-drive insurance that rewards responsible, smart and planet-friendly drivers lower insurance costs.

How do we differ from telematics?

We correlate the drivers behavior for each trip driven to a specific claims frequency. The traditional telematics approach to usage-based insurance is often based on counting harsh brakes, accelerations or time spent over a specific speed limit. The Enerfy technology, however, takes the context into account, creating a deeper and more granular picture of the driving behavior during a specific trip.

Simple & Customizable

End2End: Ready-to-sell solutions for consumer and fleet management. Turnkey: We customize the business model to your needs. White label: We brand platforms to fit your corporate profile. Easy IT: Limited IT integration needed to complete the full product.

Reduce claims, increase sales

Pricing risk: Precise information on claims frequency per trip driven. Managing risk: Real-time information on portfolio and each policy's performance. Mitigating risk: Transparency and automated driver influence changes behaviour. ROI: Lower claims costs and increased sales of traditional insurance.

“Our technology is unique. We are the only ones in the world who can offer the same level of granularity, driving data experience and artificial intelligence”

- Anders Lindelöf, CTO and founder

7 patents protect our technological platform

We have created a unique brand that is built on technology that we have not seen anywhere else in the world. That technology is currently revolutionizing the insurance industry. Therefore, we are also careful to protect it.

Trusted by the FIA

The Enerfy technology is trusted by the mobility and motorsport organization FIA, who has chosen the platform as the base of FIA Smart Driving Challenge.

Simple fleet management

Enerfy provides a simple, efficient and agile web tool that enables accessible and effective fleet & insurance management. It enables full transparency and real-time information on your portfolio and each policy’s performance. Optimize your management process, cut costs, identify improvement areas and make supervising fun. Pick & choose functions, design and communication Web tool that’s accessible anytime, anywhere Cut costs, manage & mitigate risk

App-based driver platform

Drivers with the Enerfy-platform connect to their car via an OBD II Plug-In and a mobile application. By downloading the app, they get access to all insurance data, risk profile, CO2-emissions and loads of smart functions like driver’s journal, a driving coach, find-your-car-function, customer service, gamification elements and much more – all customizable at your choice.

CO2 is what an average driver saves by using our technology.


reference profiles collected over 14 years from over 19 countries.


less claims for insurers who use the Enerfy technology.

What we offer


Our Artificial Intelligence has been working for over 14 years to measure and analyze driving. Over these years, more than 500 million reference profiles have been collected and created from over 19 different countries where each profile have it's own unique digital DNA. The driver classifies into a DNA that matches one of the 15 different premium levels that Enerfy has, based on how they drive.


Our AI is created using two other factors: an OBD reader and an app. The reader collects data from the car that is collected in real time during the drive. The data is then sent to our cloud service, where the AI ​​classifies the drive into a premium level, which is then displayed in the smartphone immediately after each trip.

Globally scaleable

Our technology platform is created as a fully functional and scalable insurance solution for insurance companies around the world. Enerfy also works as a fleet management tool with features like driving log and find-my-car functions.

Want to see what it looks like?