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Usage based insurance

Offer your customers fair, personalized and transparent insurance pricing based on actual driver risk and usage.

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Pay as you go, PAYG

Smart insurance pricing has never been easier. With PAYG, you can offer a flexible, fair and transparent payment solution to your customers. Our apps are easily tailored to match your proposition and by using data from a tethered smartphone or an existing connection, actual risk can be used to set a premium.

  • Lower the customer's insurance excess
  • Reduce the next premium at renewal
  • Encourage safer driving and reduce risk
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Monthly dynamic

Offer a UBI app with dynamic pricing functions. By driving with the app, motorists will see how much they can save on their premiums by driving smarter and safer.

As a result, they will learn how to influence their insurance premium by adopting a safer and smarter driving style with a lower carbon footprint.

This is how Covercube does it




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Give your customers the opportunity to influence their premium by offering cashback when driving safely and smartly.

This is a great way to create customer satisfaction, reduce claims and risk on the road.

Check out how other customers do it

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Drive before you buy, DBYB

Typically, static proxy rating is used by the insurance industry to set the initial price, however it is possible to assess driving using our apps PRIOR TO accepting cover.

Drive before you buy is particularly good in transitioning new drivers from provisional licenses to full. Once insured a driver’s risk can be monitored to ensure behaviours don’t change and where they do, advice and incentives can be provided to reduce risk through safer driving.



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