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Get real-time risk management insights.

With Enerfy AI technology’s ability to predict accidents in real-time, you can identify a driver’s accident risk profile. This insight provides a unique way to identify preventative measures for your business. The insight is provided using only GPS linked to billions of trips and corresponding accidents.

Enerfy Driver DNA is a patented risk scoring system that determines the likelihood of accidents for drivers. The score can be used to integrate into existing data systems or as a standalone prediction model.

A true game changer for loss ratio and customer retention.

We’re already helping insurers deliver underwriting excellence through car safety and accident prevention, precision pricing and driver management. Our risk management solutions result in better loss ratios, enhanced customer retention and reduced acquisition costs.

With our DriverDNA, we provide the data insights allowing you to deliver the best possible individualised price to each of your customers. It also allows you to balance your risk portfolio long before current pricing models. With early indications of danger or opportunity, you can see an exponential increase in profits without any downside risk.

Enerfy Risk tracker

Real-time risk analysis by Enerfy Risk Tracker providing full visibility per end-user and the total motor book performance.

  • Loss forecasting per policy
  • Smart customer retention
  • Live risk index from top to trip
  • Risk heat maps
  • Risk time distribution
  • Driver CO2 tracking and much more...

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Personal- and commercial line solutions


Offers a wide variety of flexible pricing models, such as PAYG, PHYD, monthly dynamic and more.

Customer satisfaction is key to long-term success. Engage and delight your customer for smarter customer retention.

Digital traditional

Create a customer-friendly digital app interface where your customers can get a superior customer experience and interact with you with ease.

Ride hailing

Toggling between commercial- and private driving has never been easier.

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