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Enerfy SDK - Easy integrations to any app.

The Enerfy SDK provides a range of features which are designed to help expand any existing application within example predictive risk insight, app-based insurance solutions, dynamic pricing, loyalty program, gamification, CO2 emission control and many more fullservice features in an efficient manner. The SDK can be included in your current project, based on which platform you are targeting.

Enerfy API

This API is used to send vehicle data to. We are using REST/JSON architecture in this documentation, but we can also do binary datatypes. For sustainability reasons and performance, we suggest heavily compressed data.


The SDK for Android is written in (Java) and supports projects which targets the Android platform


The iOS SDK is written in (Objective-C) and supports projects targeting the iPhone platform.


The SDK has a wrapper for Xamarin to work in (C#) based projects targeting the Android platform.

Enerfy AI

The SDK in general supports methods to start and stop a drive to get insightful data from Greater Than’s AI.