21 February 2021

We give Insurance carriers worldwide seamless access to Enerfy via Azure Marketplace

As the book of mobility, Insurtech and connected cars are at fast pace and process in the ever-changing landscape towards digitalization, we’re proud of being able highly to contribute to this evolving movement.

Being developing AI based risk predictions on driving data for more than 16 years, we can today put one of the world’s most reliable AI platforms providing individual driving analysis and future claims cost predictions on the shelf – globally.

With a presence on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we can continue to focus on our clients and strengthen them with a rapid preparation, evaluation and reach out with one of the uttermost reliable and groundbreaking platforms with risk insight in the world. With our AI platform Enerfy as part of the Microsoft partner program and on the Azure Marketplace, we’ll be able to take a step closer to our vision to empower every auto insurance policy with a fair and transparent true cost of risk for the benefit of their consumers, sustainable businesses and contribution to increased CO2 emission and safer roads.

“With Microsoft´s global reach and network capabilities, together we will move auto insurance carriers- and auto manufacturers – into a new level of risk insight, pricing models to enabling better profitability with the bonus of making mobility both cleaner and safer”, – Says Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than.