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Tryg Norway’s insurance offer for young drivers

How Tryg Norway used Greater Than’s data analysis to create an app-based fair insurance offer for young drivers

About Tryg

Tryg is the largest non-life insurance company in Scandinavia after the acquisition of Codan in Norway and Trygg-Hansa in Sweden. For the Norwegian market they have developed and launched a tailored insurance offering for young drivers.

Facts and figures

Industry: Non-life insurance

Employees: 4.400

Customers: 4 million +


Products used

Our vision is to be at the forefront and to create products with the user in focus; therefore, this investment is a step very close to our hearts

Jannicke Schumann-Olsen

Director, Tryg Norway

Young driver in Norway

Creating a dynamic insurance offer for young car owners

Tryg, one of the largest insurance companies in Norway, is known for its customer-centric approach to insurance. Knowing that insurance policies are more expensive for young drivers, Tryg Norway wanted a more flexible alternative for younger car owners.

In partnership with Greater Than, Tryg Norway developed Sidekick, a smart car insurance that calculates the price of the policy based on how the person drives.

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Incentivizing young drivers to adopt safer behaviors

Sidekick, a dynamic, app-based insurance offer, was successfully launched in 2018 targeting young car owners aged 18-30. The offering combines a fixed price, with deductibles of up to 30% for safe driving behavior.

The Sidekick app incorporates gamification to encourage young people to drive more safely. For example, users can compete with friends to see who is the safest driver, they receive tips in the app to help them driver smarter and save more, and they can also save money via referrals.

With innovations such as Sidekick, we give young Norwegian car owners a greater influence over their costs, at the same time helping to reduce the number of traffic crashes on our roads by rewarding safe driving behavior.

Jannicke Schumann-Olsen

Director, Tryg Norway

Woman standing and charging her electric car

Identifying new market opportunities

Recognizing that electric vehicle (EV) owners were also facing higher auto insurance prices, in 2022 Tryg Norway announced that it would tailor Tryg Sidekick to include EVs.

As Norway is the world’s largest market for EVs, the new offering will meet the fast-growing demand for personalized premiums compared to the traditional pool pricing model for EVs.

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