6 April 2022
2 min read

Possibly the world’s easiest way to track and reduce your organization’s emissions.

Car driving on a twisting road in the nature

Connect your business’s vehicles to report on your CO2 emissions.

When it comes to combating climate change, we know that it can be overwhelming and challenging to track and measure. However, there’s an urgent need to get started. In the coming months and years, companies will most likely need to report their total carbon footprint. In the Netherlands for example, all employers with over 100 employees, will have to track and report on their employees’ daily commuting emissions as of next year.
The US and EU are also looking into instituting similar initiatives.

Together with Federation Internationale de l’Automobile, FIA, we have developed a concept and an app for everyday motorists named FIA Smart Driving Challenge, FIA SDC. From now you can connect your entire business to gain insights and control over your CO2 emissions and reduce your carbon footprint by an average of 20%. FIA SDC will help you to start out the right way and encourage more sustainability driving.

Download the freemium version of the FIA SDC app and try it out today!

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