30 November 2020

Personalized driving apps inspire to a much safer and more sustainable driving

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Car driving remains a stressful activity for many, and human errors are accountable for most car accidents today. However, our recent statistics show that digital products highly can inspire motorists to focus on much safer and more sustainable driving.

The latest proof of this is the result of the global road safety initiative, FIA Smart Driving Challenge, where our technology and apps were used to encourage drivers to handle their cars safely, efficiently, and smartly.

Thousands of motorists from over 25 countries worldwide signed up for the challenge. After only a few weeks of driving with the app, the participants had decreased their probability of getting involved in car accidents by 30%. They also lower their carbon footprint by 17%.

There is, in fact, a strong synergy between increased awareness and reduced risk. We can see this amongst our customers around the world. When our services and apps become embedded and used, for example;

  • as a dynamic pricing model
  • in a loyalty program with bonuses
  • the target group rapidly changes their behavior behind the wheel

This, is regardless of whether it concerns a car-sharing service or an insurance offer. By inspiring a safer and smarter driving style, rewarding good driving behavior, and better understanding the risk, we will experience a lower amount of road accidents, decreased claims costs and happier end-costumers. A recent case amongst our clients is a national car-club using our service. In less than six months, they have reduced their insurance costs by approx. 9%.

It’s evident not only novice drivers benefit from using driver assessment apps, people stressed after a long working day, those who occasionally drive rental or car-sharing vehicles and reckless drivers also need help, and the list continues. Having the right driving style isn’t just about safety and awareness. And it can be paramount for modifying a general better driving behavior by offering insurance discounts, reduced deductibles, decreased carbon footprint, prolonging battery range on EVs, and, most important, limiting the number of accidents on the road.