22 April 2022
9 min read

On-demand demo for Enerfy Risk Tracker

Risk Portfolio Tracker provides an entirely new forecasting landscape for underwriters and risk managers.

It helps address some critical business challenges including real-time pricing of premiums and forward-looking predictions on crash probability per individual vehicle and/or driver, regardless of type or geography.

The portal gives you total control of your potential risk, from a portfolio view down to an individual driver.

Use it for;

  • loss forecasting
  • precision pricing
  • underwriting excellence
  • fraud identification and prevention
  • driver management
  • smart customer retention and more

Fill in your details to access the demo-link:


Video chapters:

00:27 – Insurance segment including linked pricing
00:35 – Risk trends
00:44 – Loss distribution
01:07 – Heat maps
01:17 – Fleet overview, both on driver and vehicle level
01:24 – Time risk distribution
01:53 – Advanced filtering options
02:33 – Journey playback per second driving

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