4 August 2022

Next generation telematics – the future is AI

Banner for eGuide, with cars driving in the background

How telematics service providers can deliver fleet solutions that stand out

In a time of ambitious environmental targets, increasing regulation, rising operating costs, and global “Vision Zero” goals for improving road safety, fleets are looking for telematics service providers (TSPs) who can help them revolutionize every aspect of their operations. With pattern AI, TSPs can position themselves closer to their fleet customers while delivering solutions that stand out from the competition.


In this eGuide, you’ll discover how pattern AI enables you to provide:

  • Solutions to seamlessly control fleet operations
  • Next-gen driver risk management that requires no additional hardware
  • Insights that can be layered onto existing telematics solutions
  • Real-time analysis of driver data to support safety and sustainability goals
  • Access to insurance premiums based on risk level

By incorporating pattern AI into their telematics solutions, TSPs will gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts and will be ready to support fleets as they tackle some of the biggest ever industry challenges.

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