19 April 2021

Meet Johanna Forseke, our Chief Business Officer

With an extensive career in one of the most successful enterprises globally, Procter & Gamble, Johanna has worked with strategic sales and launches of high-end consumer products internationally for almost a decade. When joining Greater Than 2019, Johanna leveraged her experience and took a new strategic approach to our sales and business development. By bringing the latest “in-fashion” for the insurance industry to the table; AI-based predictive risk insight analytics and insurtech solutions, Johanna is currently establishing and deepening partner relations worldwide.

“To be able to work with the hottest and latest technology in the world is amazing. I have the possibility to help our partners to develop new business models, launch new end-user offerings on markets worldwide, and to gain better control over their loss-ratio. It’s nothing but fantastic to experience how much value that is adding.”

During Johanna’s leadership at Greater Than, the company has deepened its offering for Zurich, MSIG and many more companies. New products have seen day-light and the global challenge in smart driving; FIA SDC is turning into a community with the common goal of making our roads safer and cleaner.

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