Meet Jim Noble, Global Director Fleet and Head of North America

Jim has been been involved in transportation his whole career.

The last 20 years has been about helping people understand how to use the information that they can get out of the vehicle in order to enhance both their risk management at the fleet level and their ability to use that information in pricing and risk mitigation and the insurance side.

After listening to Jim, you will get a greater understanding of how to use in-vehicle intelligence telematics, i.e. tools for;

  • understanding and mitigating risks
  • improving profitability
  • insurance- and fleet management

Jim also talks about how this intelligent data can be useful in several aspects, including;

  • individual drivers getting instant feedback after a finished trip and understanding events that effect their driving so they can improve going forward.
  • fleet managers who can identify and address high-risk individuals and track the environmental aspects of the fleet.

  • insurance companies are getting a clearer correlation between an event that is measured in the vehicle and the actual risk.
When you are curious to know more, reach out to Jim here.