29 May 2021

Meet Eva Voors, our Chief Communications Officer

Eva Voors profile pictureOver the past months, Greater Than has built up its new management team by recruiting and appointing key roles internally and externally regarding business development, finance, technology development and communications. We saw one of these key-roles in our Chief Communications Officer, Eva Voors, who now is part of our management team.

Eva is a seasoned communications officer with a background at global entrepreneurial organisations such as Skype and Bambuser and has served as Account Director at some of the largest PR firms in Sweden. A background made as an excellent fit for Greater Than.

We have experienced Eva’s business-driven communication over the past two years. Since Eva came to Greater Than 2019, she has led a vital leadership role incrafting and promoting the company’s story and brand reputation externally and internally. Through several significant initiatives, product and partnership launches plus reports, Greater Than has received additional international awards such as Insurtech100, TU awards, CCBJ awards, and being featured in world-leading media such as Business Insider Insurance Business Magazine and Insurance Edge.

I look forward to working closely with Eva and the rest of the management line-up to turn possibilities into businesses successes and expand further and scale our offering globally.