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KINTO: Leveraging AI in sustainable mobility

How Toyota’s new mobility arm, KINTO Japan, uses Greater Than’s AI to offer a flexible car-sharing solution


KINTO is Toyota’s new mobility arm, working towards a mission to deliver ever better, sustainable mobility for all and build a better future. The aim is to improve mobility in a number of different ways including making transport easier to manage for businesses.

Facts & Figures

Industry: New mobility

Present in: 34 countries

Fleet size: >162 000

Website: www.kinto-jp.com

Products used

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Sustainable mobility for a better future

In March 2020, KINTO launched KINTO One, a new offer providing all the benefits of driving a new car, without having to own one.

KINTO One users pay a monthly fee for an all-inclusive leasing service. And, with a direct connection of the app to the car, users receive rewards and bonuses for driving smart.

The collaboration with Greater Than suits us perfectly as both parties strive to use the latest technology to distribute customer-centric solutions that contribute to easy and sustainable mobility and a happy user experience.

Yasuyuki Nunokawa

Office of the KINTO President, KINTO, Global

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A partnership to drive change

KINTO is always looking to be at the forefront in driving positive change and meeting customer needs.

Customer feedback showed that KINTO One users wanted to use their cars more efficiently, and to split the cost of ownership. In direct response to this feedback, KINTO and Greater Than developed a free and easy solution for KINTO One customers to share their cars between friends and family.

Phones showing Warikan KINTO app, conversations, calendar and cost split settings

Developing a customer-centric solution

The result was Warikan KINTO, a platform that includes user-friendly functionality to make P2P sharing hassle-free. Features include:

  • Multifunctional cost splits including “equal split” “usage time” and “usage mileage”
  • Car booking via shared calendar
  • Chat
  • Driver feedback
  • Driver star rating

As our vision is to be the preferred service provider for every mobility need, Warikan KINTO is a step further on our roadmap.

Yasuyuki Nunokawa

Office of the KINTO President, KINTO, Global

Warkian KINTO app showing booking request

Future-proofing mobility services

With Warikan KINTO, users have access to a vehicle when they need it, while being able to choose with whom they want to share the car and how to best split the cost.

KINTO Japan and Greater Than’s development of the solution demonstrates how mobility providers can utilize AI to meet evolving customer demands and pave the way for an era where cars can be shared in a flexible and fair way.

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