8 May 2024

Is a company’s GPS data all that’s needed for ESG reporting?

GPS in a car and profile image of Johan Forseke.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting is receiving more attention than ever. Just recently, Japan became the latest country to publish draft sustainability disclosure standards. This follows ESG developments in the United States, Singapore, and China; all in 2024.

For companies globally, the main concerns are sure to include how to access the data they need to meet ESG reporting obligations. Here at Greater Than we’re proud to help companies globally fulfil the mobility requirements of ESG reporting. Here’s how it works:

Share your GPS data with us

It’s easy to share your GPS driving data with us via a simple API connection such as connected car, dashcam, telematics device, or via an SDK in a smartphone app.

Then, we convert that data into valuable insights to address the environmental and social factors of ESG reporting.

Converting your data using world-leading AI

We’ve been training our AI since 2004, using data from over 106 countries and 1,600 cities, to predict driver crash probability and climate impact.

Because our AI is trained with claims data, fuel, and energy consumption, we’re able to analyze trips in real-time and predict actual real-world outcomes. By providing our customers with new insights into crash probability and climate impact, we help them to fulfil the mobility requirements of ESG reporting while delivering significant benefits to business operations and profitability.

Helping your organization to reduce negative impact

Another benefit to uncovering new layers of intelligence from your GPS data is that you obtain knowledge that has the potential to reduce crashes and environmental impact. This helps your organization align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and work towards a target of Net Zero emissions.

It also demonstrates to your customers, business partners, and investors alike that you are committed to reducing your organization’s impact on the planet by taking greater control of safety and sustainability.

Increasing transparency about your activities

Today, it’s not enough to say that you’re taking action to mitigate your impact on the planet. ESG reporting regulations require transparency to demonstrate that your organization can “walk the walk”. Quality data enables you to back up your ESG claims and demonstrate the outcome of action taken.

For example, our Climate Impact Score measures a driver’s influence on fuel consumption, energy use and emissions from high to low. With the help of our insights into WHY a driver has a certain score, organizations can act – where needed – to improve it. Even better, they can see and share the results of action taken.

A unique score that takes the headache out of ESG reporting

Our globally unique AI harmonizes data regardless of location or vehicle type, making it easy for your organization to benchmark performance across mixed fleets. This also enables you to quickly identify areas for potential CO2 emissions reductions and driver safety improvements.

With our Climate Impact Score your organization can:

  • Measure the driver influence on climate impact
  • Calculate avoided emissions (% and grams)
  • Set a baseline for ESG reporting
  • Reduce climate impact and fuel consumption
  • Identify drivers for targeted eco-training
  • Improve the tire lifecycle

With our Crash Probability Score your organization can:

  • Measure the driver influence on safety
  • Price risk
  • Observe risk in real time
  • Mitigate risk
  • Provide targeted driver training
  • Enhance customer engagement and retention

How ESG reporting data is returned to you

Once we’ve analyzed your GPS data, we can return it to you in a variety of formats to suit your requirements. This includes:

  • Data returned via an API or iFrame for visualization in your existing solution
  • Using one of our add-on solutions, including our ESG Compliance Package
  • Via a white label app

Our ESG Compliance Package provides a comprehensive solution to fulfil your organization’s ESG reporting needs. It leverages data from the Crash Probability Score and Climate Impact Score to summarize your company’s social and environmental impact. It also includes the tools you need to set targets and KPIs, and to share your progress on an annual basis.

You can use the ESG Compliance Package to meet your own ESG reporting obligations or to launch a white label ESG reporting solution for your customers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how you can convert your GPS data into the insights you need for ESG reporting.