24 April 2020
1 min read

Greater Than is granted seven patents in the US

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We’re proud to announce that The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) had issued Greater Than’s seven patents covering our Artificial Intelligence Methods. The seven patents serve to protect further our methods and AI-based technology surrounding the evaluation of driving data on an individual driver level.

Since our inception in 2004, we’ve been a pioneer in the field of AI development. We early understood what the future would bring when it comes to the usage of Artificial Intelligence, both for calculations and for products. A vision due to the core of our business, which is the development of Artificial Intelligence methods based on driving data and driving patterns, and AI-based products that highly support and evolve industries involved in auto and driving risk insights.

With our patents granted in the USA, we have strengthened our business offering at large and reached another milestone. Our technology and platforms are now firmly positioned, and we’re much looking forward to broadening our scope. Things are vibrant, and we cannot wait to create extensive opportunities for our customers within insurance, auto manufacturing, and the new mobility in the benefit of sustainable business models, with reinforced technologies as the base for their end-user products.