24 February 2022
2 min read

FIA Smart Driving Challenge

Phone that is showing how FIA Smart Driving Challenge app looks like with data and cars on the road with their driving score.

Improve your driving – save the planet

FIA Smart Driving Challenge (SDC) is an initiative to reduce pollution and increase safety on the roads. While driving, motorists get their driving assessed in real-time by our AI technology, that understands each trip’s level of risk and carbon footprint. Just by making motorists aware of their impact we can create a positive change.

The FIA SDC is also a competition in smart driving where people all over the world compete in their everyday driving. At the end of the season a big final is held where the top 20 smartest drivers compete. The winner is crowned the Smartest Driver in the World.

Try out the app!

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FIA SDC on Google Play


Get your whole company started with smart driving.

This is a great CSR initiative which will give you unique predictive risk data in real-time on the probability of a car accident as well as impact on the environment.

Start boosting your company with smart driving!