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Covercube: Insurance that rewards safe, eco-friendly driving

How insurance company Covercube enables customers to pay for the insurance they deserve

About Covercube

Covercube is a full stack General Agency that offers innovative insurance products and services for carriers and reinsurers. Incepted in 2021, Covercube brings over 20 years of management experience in the P&C space with emphasis on the growth of the independent agency distribution channel.

Covercube’s innovative pricing allows independent agencies to compete with captive carriers and direct writers by offering an alternative to traditional and out-dated pricing methods.

Facts and figures

Industry: Insurance

Founded: 2021

HQ: California


Products used

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Industry change inspired by personal experience

Covercube was founded in 2021 by John Crispi who realized not all drivers were created equal. Being a 20-year executive in the insurance industry, John didn’t need to look far to discover this. John is a father of two teenage boys. After being a passenger with each boy, he realized one son was more focused on the road than his brother. However, John was paying the same rate for each son.

He started looking for a better solution. Never before had insurance companies offered individual quotes based on a driver’s performance, resulting in fair insurance prices. John was determined to change this and established Covercube to revolutionize insurance pricing.

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Fair and transparent insurance

Covercube is determined that its customers should not pay for how other people drive. That’s why they aim to provide a fair and transparent car insurance where customers can save money based on what risk level they are driving.

Covercube identifies driving risk through its partnership with Greater Than. Using pattern artificial intelligence (AI), Greater Than converts GPS driving data into real-time crash probability insights as a result of driver attitude. Covercube uses these insights to accurately price driving risk and provide a usage-based solution. Through the user app it also provides driver feedback and uses gamification to incentivize safe, environmentally friendly driving.

AI-based risk analysis takes a step up in its abilities within auto insurance and plays a vital role in getting product positioning and pricing right. By approaching digital-first customers who really care for fair and transparent pricing and who request extended flexibility based on usage, we have found a perfect market fit with this offering.

John Crispi

Founder and CEO of Covercube

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A dynamic solution

When joining Covercube, a customer’s premium remains constant for the first 6 months. Every time they drive, they receive a driver score which shows their estimated savings at renewal based on their identified driving attitude.

Because Covercube is digital-first, customers can manage all areas of their account within an app, including renewals and claims. To further enhance engagement, customers can also invite their friends and family to achieve the lowest score and optimize savings.

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Try before you buy

Further demonstrating its innovation and customer-centricity, Covercube – in partnership with Greater Than – has developed a freemium version of its usage-based insurance app. This allows potential customers to try the app and its dynamic pricing functionality without any commitment.

The Covercube freemium app is a clever way to attract new customers by demonstrating how much money they could save on their premiums by driving smarter and safer. Yet the real advantage is to Covercube who obtain driving data upfront, making it quicker to identify the risk level of new customers and to calculate premiums accurately.

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