16 April 2020
2 min read

Congratulation electric vehicle drivers, each charge will last for longer

Car driving on a squiggly road in the woods

As recently launched in a press release, our AI-based Enerfy Global service is now fully adapted for electric cars (EV’s) and hybrids, tailored for Insurance companies, car manufacturers, and fleets that deal with electric vehicles. As a bonus of the launch, the driver assessment functions also provide a robust tool so that the driver of the electric car or hybrid can get increased control over the battery capacity. In short, they get the opportunity to get out more mileage per each charge, given our real-time driving feedback.

While our AI correlates individual driving patterns to the probability of being involved in an accident, it also analyzes the relationship between driving behavior and energy consumption in real-time. Through this, Enerfy Global provides a breakthrough product with the benefits, including real-time monitoring of how driving style affects the car’s battery. The driving assessment puts the driver in higher awareness and control through instant feedback. By gaining real-time information on battery consumption according to driving behavior, the driver can immediately adjust the driving behavior to a less energy consumption one and by doing so, get the most out of every charge.

Greater Than’s AI algorithms have been practicing real-time driving data from electric cars and hybrids around the world for an extended period. The result is that the AI can boast an accuracy of 99.98 % in its risk analysis, even for drivers not have onboarding diagnostic readers connected to their cars. However, the AI risk assessment accuracy is at the same level as it is when supported by an onboard diagnostic reader (OBD-reader) attached to the vehicle. This precision, done even without connected hardware, witnesses of the magnitude of our AI. An AI capacity we’re very proud over – especially as we’re alone in the world to deliver such, no matter vehicle or fuel used.