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Climate Impact Tool

A powerful tool to strengthen and elevate your sustainability efforts. Measure climate impact for every driver and see how driving behavior influences eco performance. Receive recommendations for remedial action to improve eco-friendly driving.


Girl driving eco friendly in nature. Banner showing 12% CO2 savings and 45 kg CO2 savings

Understand eco performance

Our Climate Impact Tool provides deep insights and comparable data on your organization’s environmental performance. With this hands-on climate impact management solution, you can:

  • View drivers by climate impact (e.g. 100 highest impact)
  • See CO2 savings in grams or %
  • Observe performance changes between trips and days
  • Identify contributory factors
Traffic on multiple lanes with city in background

Influence green driving

Empower drivers to adopt eco-friendly behaviors by taking action based on data-driven intelligence. Our Climate Impact Tool gives you and your drivers greater control over climate impact with:

  • Factors contributing to the Climate Impact Score
  • Recommendations for remedial action
  • Tools to track interventions and outcomes
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