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Mobility as a service

Meeting the increasing needs for smart solutions for the new mobility sector.

A woman sitting in the driver seat holding a key to her car pool car

P2P car sharing

Our P2P car sharing solutions enable car owners to sublet their car to others when it’s not in use. The cost and the responsibility is then also transferred. A safe and smart solution for both car owners and subletters and a great benefit for the environment. Everything is easily managed in the app.

  • Family accounts
  • Lender and driver rating
  • Shared calendar of car availability
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Car booking

Wow your customers with a fantastic experience when booking their car. Our white label app offers a wide variety of smart and easy management for car bookings, including:

  • Calendar with availability
  • Registration with T&C
  • Open platform for external API integration
Five youngsters using a car pooling service

Car pooling

The benefits of carpooling are immeasurable and include: saving money on petrol, supporting sustainable travel and reducing traffic congestion in large cities.

Having a digital app for carpool bookings will delivers a hassle-free experience to delight the end-user.

  • Book and lend car management
  • Shared calendar of car availability
  • Driver logs with trip recording
Woman leaning out of the driver seat window enjoying the freedom of subscribing to a mobility service

Car subscription

Our innovative solutions meet the needs of the sharing economy. Delight your customers with an excellent digital experience and remember that first impressions matter!

  • Cost by hour- or kilometer/mile
  • Find car by location and availability
  • Registration with T&C
Showing the back of a taxi in a city environment

Ride hailing

Our ride hailing solutions enable drivers to easily toggle between commercial and private insurance solutions.

  • Toggle on/off extra coverage
  • Insurance per trip
  • Driver logs with trip recording
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