Woman looking at her phone that is showing she is a great driver and earned 100 loyalty points by driving safe and eco friendly!

Incentive program

Higher profits, more growth and churn reduction

Woman in a car holding a smartphone which is logged into her car insurance incentive program

The key to increased Customer Lifetime Value

Innovative incentive programs help you stay ahead of the competition, secure growth, and retain your high-value customers. Creating an emotional connection to your brand helps you secure long-lasting customer relationships.

An attractive incentive program also helps you attract new customers and expand your customer base through advocacy. Having access to real-time customer data makes it super easy for you to surprise and delight your safest drivers at any time.


Man looking at his phone showing Silver 1500 points with Rewards, Badges and Challenges

The fun and easy way to increase customer satisfaction

Get up and running in no time with our white label app solution. Gain actionable real-time insights and analytics of your entire customer base so you can easily make the right strategical and tactical decisions. Popular app features:

  • Loyalty levels
  • Points collection
  • Rewards
  • Badges
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