12 March 2024

Greater Than launches AI-based ESG compliance package for organizations to fulfil mobility requirements of CSRD

  • New white label ESG compliance package enables telematics companies, fleet management providers, motor insurance and mobility firms to offer their own ESG reporting solution
  • Greater Than’s offering uses AI to convert companies’ existing mobility data into traceable, actionable intelligence to measure, act, and report on ESG activities
  • Uniquely, Greater Than’s AI quantifies the driver’s influence from both an environmental and safety perspective, making it easy to pinpoint areas for timely action

Greater Than (GREAT. ST), the global provider of driver crash probability and climate impact intelligence, has launched a new AI-based white label ESG compliance package aimed at helping organizations to meet the mobility aspect of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) reporting requirements, including the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

A major milestone in ESG reporting, the EU’s CSRD legislation imposes substantial new mandatory social and environmental disclosure rules on companies operating in the EU, as well as those with EU investors and companies that are part of an EU company’s supply chain.

“CSRD is a pivotal regulation in ESG reporting, in that it standardizes the environmental and social information that companies must report on, and broadens the scope of companies required to report,” said Liselott Johansson, CEO of Greater Than. “Our ESG compliance package provides a comprehensive solution that uses the power of AI to enable companies anywhere in the world to measure, act, and report on their mobility impact using only their existing data.”

Uniquely, Greater Than’s solution quantifies the driver’s influence from both an environmental and safety perspective. By scoring drivers in terms of climate impact and crash probability, and providing a range of mitigation tools, it facilitates traceability, benchmarking, target-setting, and progress tracking, as well as reporting.

Because the AI harmonizes data regardless of location or vehicle type, it makes it easy for organizations to benchmark performance across mixed fleets and quickly pinpoint areas for potential CO2 emissions reductions and driver safety improvements. This enables organizations to fast-track ESG action, alongside longer terms plans, such as investments in new vehicles.

Key features of the new solution include:  

  • Insights that enable setting of scientific KPIs for safety and sustainability
  • Regular performance reports with priority actions to reduce crash risk and climate impact
  • Annual ESG report with supply chain traceability across scopes 1, 2, and 3
  • “Plug and play” – can be easily integrated with existing platforms and requires no change to solution provider or end users’ current operating processes

Greater Than’s ESG compliance package leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to convert data into driver impact intelligence that is traceable and audit ready. Source data can be shared with Greater Than via an API connection, requiring no additional technology. For existing customers, a simple activation is all that’s needed.

The globally unique pattern-based AI technology was showcased at the United Nations’ Climate Change Conference, COP28, in December 2023, when Greater Than joined its partner and global governing body for motor sports, the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), in the Blue Zone throughout the conference. In addition, Greater Than’s AI is endorsed by the Swedish Energy Agency, supported by the EU, and awarded by the WWF Climate Solver for its potential to influence global CO2 savings using the GHG protocol.

“Greater Than enables organizations to ‘see the future’ today and, with that, we’re proud that our globally recognized AI is supporting our stakeholders to launch their own solutions that predict companies’ impact on the planet,” added Liselott. “Reducing negative climate and societal activity has never been so important for businesses, and we’re committed to empowering our customers with AI-driven insights to fulfil the mobility aspect of global ESG reporting requirements and accelerate positive change.”

Greater Than’s ESG compliance solution is ideal for telematics companies, fleet management providers, motor insurance and mobility firms who want to help their customers meet ESG reporting obligations and achieve Net Zero commitments.

Visit www.greaterthan.eu to learn more.

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About Greater Than

Greater Than is a driving data analytics company that specializes in understanding driver impact on the roads. Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Greater Than converts GPS data into driver scores that predict crash probability and climate impact. The scores can be further enhanced with additional intelligence including an analytics dashboard, prevention tool, and summary reports.

Insurance companies, underwriters, fleet solution providers, mobility providers and other owners of GPS data use Greater Than’s analysis to optimize driver risk management, achieve insurance profitability, manage sustainability & ESG reporting, and monetize GPS data. Greater Than (GREAT.ST) is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. FNCA Sweden AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser. Learn more at www.greaterthan.eu.