5 March 2024

Fuse Fleet uses Greater Than’s AI to launch connected fleet taster app

  • Fuse Fleet is one of Australia’s only providers of connected insurance combined with claims management solutions
  • Fuse Fleet has launched a “taster” app to offer more fleets across Australia the opportunity to trial the benefits of a connected fleet, particularly in relation to safety and insurance
  • Using a unique pattern AI technology, Greater Than converts fleets’ GPS data into crash probability insights

Greater Than (GREAT.ST), the global provider of driver crash probability and climate impact intelligence, is pleased to announce that its artificial intelligence (AI) technology has enabled its customer Fuse Fleet to launch a new mobile “taster” app to demonstrate the value of connected services to more fleets across Australia.

Within the Australian market, 75% of fleets are not yet connected. As one of Australia’s only providers of connected insurance combined with claims management solutions, Fuse Fleet has identified the opportunity to offer such fleets an insight into the benefits of connected technology, particularly in relation to safety and insurance, through its new “Fuse Fleet” app. The app also gives insurance brokers an easy way to offer potential new customers a taste of the benefits of a connected solution before making a commitment.

“At Fuse Fleet, we’re passionate about helping organizations get the most out of their driving data to reduce traffic accidents and accurately price insurance premiums,” said Simon Donovan, Executive General Manager, Commercial, at Fuse Fleet. “Now, fleets can easily evaluate the benefits of connected technology simply by downloading an app and putting it to the test.”

Since being launched in Australia by DKG Group in April 2023, Fuse Fleet has seen a steady growth in its customer base from fleets across the country looking to improve driver safety and access tailored, transparent insurance premiums.

Thanks to its partnership with Greater Than, Fuse Fleet helps fleets uncover new layers of driving risk insights from their existing GPS data. Using a unique pattern AI technology, Greater Than converts the GPS data into a Crash Probability Score for every driver. Fuse Fleet uses the risk insights to provide fleets with safety feedback and recommendations to reduce crashes. It also uses the insights to accurately price premiums.

“We’re proud that Fuse Fleet is innovating to reach a wider customer base with its digital insurance offer,” said Johanna Forseke, Chief Business Officer and Deputy CEO of Greater Than. “The new Fuse Fleet app makes it so easy for fleets of any size, with any vehicles, to start exploring the benefits of connected technology for safety and insurance purposes, with no long-term commitment.”

Press contact, Greater Than
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Press contact, Fuse Fleet 
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About Greater Than

Greater Than is a driving data analytics company that specializes in understanding driver impact on the roads. Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI), Greater Than converts GPS data into driver scores that predict crash probability and climate impact. The scores can be further enhanced with additional intelligence including an analytics dashboard, prevention tool, and summary reports.

Insurance companies, underwriters, fleet solution providers, mobility providers and other owners of GPS data use Greater Than’s analysis to optimize driver risk management, achieve insurance profitability, manage sustainability & ESG reporting, and monetize GPS data. Greater Than (GREAT.ST) is listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market. FNCA Sweden AB is the Company’s Certified Adviser. Learn more at www.greaterthan.eu.

About Fuse Fleet 

Fuse Fleet offers connected insurance combined with claims management solutions, a unique offering in Australia. Fuse’s mission is to revolutionise fleet risk management by introducing digital insurance incentives for safer fleets and lower premiums. With over 30 years of experience in motor fleets and risk advisory services, Fuse specialises in providing tailored insurance solutions for fleets and ensures better, faster, and cost-efficient claims for your fleet through their innovative, fully digitally enabled end-to-end claims management solutions.