Our Cleantech

The World WIldlife Fund, together with the Swedish Energy Agency, has estimated that our technology can contribute to a global reduction of CO2 emissions by over 100 million tons per year. Greater Than received this prize in May, 2017.

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The prize was received during Veckans Affärers’ Sustainability Day, where Greater Than was praised for its green technology platform, Enerfy, which contributes to more sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly Transport.

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Greater Than has been acclaimed and honored during the Nordic Cleantech Open on several occasions. In 2017, Greater Than was praised as one of the top 10 cleantech companies in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

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We are making change

By encouraging people to leave the car more often and drive well when they drive, we create a new mindset of insurance companies that contribute to positive behavioral change. Traffic eases, making roads safer and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We have been awarded prizes for our green technology, and estimates from the World Wildlife Fund and Swedish Energy Agency show that those who use our technology can help reduce global emissions by over 100 million tons per year.

"Greater Than has an exciting solution with great potential to benefit the environment, human health and safety in traffic"

– Stefan Henningsson, World Wildlife Fund WWF.