We help insurance carriers reduce claims costs by 40% with an AI-driven premium model that leads to a tangible change in driver behavior

For insurance carriers For consumers AI premium model

We reduce claims costs
Motor insurance premiums are continuously increasing in price and becoming too expensive for many consumers to afford today, leaving them unprotected or insufficiently protected. This negative trend is caused by skyrocketing claims costs. We need to put an end to this or cost of premiums will get out of control. With our Enerfy solution, claims costs are reduced by 40%, leading to much lower premiums.

Breaking the trend of ever increasing claims costs
What do you think would happen if everybody in a bar would share the bill of tonight? That everybody would pay for 3 pints of beer! A glass of sparkling water at the same cost as 6 pints of beer! In this case, nobody has the incentive to drink less and this is exactly how a car insurance work today. Nobody have the incentive to reduce claims costs. Current premium model; average pricing based on old claims statistic, where basically everybody is sharing the cost of claims, is very discouraging as nobody is able to influence the price of insurance. On the contrary, current model encourage people not to bother, my part of the claims disappears in the big picture, everybody gets worse rather than better. This is what we are changing. With our AI based premium model, that correlates driver scores to claims frequency, people pay for themselves and can influence the cost of premium. We are giving people the opportunity and transparency to take a stance. See the cost per trip driven - rather than a fixed annual price, no matter have you behave on the road – is evidently inspiring people to a measurable change in driver behavior, leading to 40% lower claims frequency.


We provide full digital car insurances to the entire world, with AI-driven individually priced premium models that bring revolutionary advantages to both carriers and consumers. Enerfy, the White Labeled plug and play solution that enables traditional companies all over the world to leap-frog into digitalization in less than a week.


  • Annual deductible
  • Annual cash back for safe driving
  • AI price & risk assessment per trip
  • Sticky
  • Frequent consumer communication
  • For demographics 50+


  • Annual deductible
  • Monthly cash back for safe driving
  • Monthly cash back for less driving
  • AI price & risk assessment per trip
  • Sticky
  • For demographics 40+


  • Exemplify - live dynamic
  • Insurance as a service
  • Pay per mile – no deductible
  • Lower premium per trip for safe driving
  • AI price & risk assessment per trip
  • Highly transparent
  • Gamification
  • For demographics 20+


  • Insurance package
  • Web portal
  • Vehicle & Driver overview
  • Cost per vehicle in Pareto
  • Live map for position
  • Management reports
  • Detailed reporting

CO2 is what an average driver saves by using our technology.


reference profiles collected over 13 years from over 19 countries.


tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced globally each year with our technology.


We make insurance part of the drivers life. With our individualized premium model, we see an evident migration in driver behavior. Measurable, we see that everybody in the sample improve their behavior on the road, resulting in a 40% reduction in claims frequency. Consumers of today expect to pay for themselves and real usage.




Our Business Model

Greater Than provide an individually priced car insurance as a turn key solution for insurance carriers who wish to digitalize in order to reduce claims costs. A service that we only charge a low fixed fee for per user and month.

AI-based premium model

Our AI correlates the driver score to a claims frequency, with the help of over 250 million reference profiles. This enables an individually priced premium model that evidently changes the driver behavior leading to a 40% reduction in claims frequency.

Plug n Play insurance platform

The platform is a full digital car insurance that requires no IT integration with our customers and works with all car brands in the whole world.

Connected Car services

On top of our insurance solution, we got a library of services to make your offering unique. Car sharing and car financing among the most popular ones. Or feel free to add any third party services to the Enerfy platform.


Awarded the Climate Solver 2017 Prize by WWF