1. General
1.1 Your trust is important for us. This privacy policy describes how your personaldata in the product will collect and manage, with whom we may share your data with and your rights in relation to in the use of your personal data. We encourage you to read through this privacy policy in full before using our services.
1.2 The app will collect, process and disclose any personal data that is necessary to administer the service, meet customer requests and requirements and to complete the agreement with you as a customer. It is our duty to ensure that your data is collected and handled in a secure manner in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements.
1.3 Personal data is any data which is directly or indirectly linked to a physically living person. Examples of personal data are: name, address, phone number and email. Other data such as IP address, the VIN-number of the car and in some circumstances your driving pattern (accelerations, breaks and G-forces), your GPS location and also your user behaviour by using the service may also be considered personal data. To analyse your driving the app collects location data, for optimal results the app also needs to do it in background. Processing of personal data includes all stages of processing personal data including collection, analysis, registration, storage and retention.
2. How we collect your information
2.2 Data is usually collected directly from you, the customer. This includes the data collected and generated through your use of our services, but we can from time to time we may collect, complete and process personal data from other sources, for example from governmental agencies or other private and public registers such as partners, advertising networks, network providers or other partners which helps us understand user activities, your preferences or to improve and personalise the service. Data will be collected via the app. 3. How we use the data
3.1 We will use your data for the following purposes:

3.2 The purpose of processing your personal data is to be able to fulfil our rights towards you as a customer, which includes: providing the service, ensuring customer recognition, risk calculation, analysis, business and operational development, risk management, compilation of statistics and trends, insurance and claims matters, personalise and improve your user experience , send notifications and messages through mail, phone and electronic communication (such as SMS or email), market our products and services, inform you regarding updates of the service and policies, improve and develop the service and also new services and products and also analyse your usage of the service, ensure the technical functionality of the service, prevent usage of the service in violation with the terms and agreement for the service, anticipate and investigate misuse of the service and fulfil obligations in accordance to the law.
3.3 The service collects data about your driving patterns in order to automate decisions and to determine whether you have a smart driving pattern. Automated decisions mean that the decisions are determined without any manual impact, for example we determine the distance of your driving and your driving behaviour automatically.
3.4 Personal data may be provided to partners for us to complete our mission, forexample, Greater Than who is the data processor, insurance providers, service providers, marketing partners, and other companies within in the app service.
3.5 We will not share, sell, give or in other way provide your personal data beyond what is being stated in this privacy policy unless we are obliged to by law due to a demand by a governmental agency, court decision or unless we have received your consent to do so.
4. Consent
4.1 By accepting the current terms for the service, you are giving us your consentto process your personal data, which will be managed in accordance to this policy.
5. The time we will store your data
5.1 Your data is allowed to be stored for historical, statistical and scientific purposes for a longer period of time. Collected personal data may be used forresearch in road safety and further development of the app and Greater Than’s work. Your personal data may also be used for marketing activities up to one year after the customer relationship has expired. You maintain the right to contact us if you do not want your data to be used for direct marketing, you do this by contacting us through info@greaterthan.eu
6. Your rights and contact
6.1 You have the right to access your personal data that we process and also have the right to submit a data request from the app. You also have the right that we either correct, block or delete inaccurate personal data. If the case is that we store your data in accordance to law, the data may only be blocked. You also have the right to ask for your data to be transferred from us to another company. You manage your personal data with ease under the menu settings in the app.
7. Changes in the integrity policy
7.1 We reserve the right to change or update our privacy policy. You accept the updates to the integrity policy by continuing to use our service. The latest version of the privacy policy is available through the app.
8. Contact details to the data controller
8.1 To exercise your rights in accordance to the above or if you have any questions regarding our data processing, please contact: info@greaterthan.eu

Last updated: 11 Jan 2021