4 Reasons Our Insurance Solution is Better Than Others

We get how you think.

The market is in the middle of a revolution of digitalization, and your business hasn’t found the right solution to join the change just yet.

But we’re here to tell you that we can solve that problem for you. Within weeks (yes, it’s true).

We know that there are a lot of IT companies out there trying to tell you to pick them, choose them to help you with your digitization. But we also know that not all solutions are created equal, and we have worked hard to be the best of the best. For your sake.

Here is what makes us at Greater Than better than those other businesses.

1. We make everything end to end

It’s exactly what it sounds like: we make everything from scratch, and we do everything ourselves. (With ‘everything’ we mean a customized app with your brand, colors and font, a plug-in device with your logo on it that works with the app, and an entire webpage with all the information and details that you would want.)

In the end, we’ll deliver digital AI-based auto insurance to your company ready to use right away. Smooth, right?

2. The product is white-label

You’ll take all the credit and will get all the fame. And that is exactly how we want it to be! We work best in the dark and will let you use our technology without anyone knowing.

We’ll do the job; you’ll get credit for it. We’re happy, you’re happy, and the customers are happy!

3. There’s no IT integration

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? No IT-integration. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

We already have a platform with the required technology to digitize your business and create digital AI-based car insurance for your customers. The only thing that we need is a few numbers to match some of your premium costs.

Other than that we’ll take care of everything else including the technology. So it’s okay if you’re not a tech genius, we won’t judge. We here for you and are glad to help.

4. We reduce your claims costs

The platform that we use (named Enerfy) has a wonderful habit of making people change their way of driving to the better. And by doing that we’ll make your customers drive better and cause fewer accidents, which makes it cheaper for you in the end!

We can point out the highest risk takers and most expensive drivers you have and you can, with our technology, make them pay accordingly. With time, these drivers change their behavior or change company. Either way, the outcome is better and cheaper for you.


Read more about our fantastic technology and what it can do for you here.

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