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Yesterday at the ESG Integration Summit in Stockholm, we’ve met with executive leaders, directors, institutional investors, and experts on integrating the Nasdaq ESG guidance and framework for disclosure of company practices.
An important conference where we at Greater Than, amongst other companies shared and demonstrated our best practices on how we implement and practices ESG, when it comes to areas such as transparency and sustainable carbon emissions.
As part of one of the panels, Liselott Johansson, CEO at Greater Than had the opportunity to showcase how an AI scale-up B2B enterprise as Greater Than is, in partnership with large enterprises highly can contribute to their overall strive and work towards the ESG goals. By providing innovative solutions that taps in to every step in their value chain, we highly contribute to rapidly decrease CO2 emission at large.

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Greater Than opens subsidiary in Singapore

Greater Than opens subsidiary in Singapore in response to the growing business opportunities and increased demand for AI based risk insights and digital insurance solutions in the region.

The Singapore office is managed by Johan Forseke, with the responsible for sales and customer development in the ASEAN market, as well as delivering customer and technical support to both new and existing customers operating in insurance, fleet and OEMs sectors in the area.

“The new office reflects our ambition and dedication to providing high-end products and solutions in Singapore and surrounding regions with unparalleled, high quality delivering” said Johan Forseke “Singapore is a core market within the ASEAN region and it’s here were several innovation hubs are present. By establishing a base here, we are able to further expand our business and product offerings in the region as well as deepen our existing partnerships with AAS, MS First Capital Insurance Limited and ComfortDelGro at site.”

The opening of the new office in Singapore is part of Greater Than’s latest expansion strategy, a result of its strong performance over the last few years, which has seen demand for its AI based insurance solutions grow in foreign markets. Bringing the markets most reliable and competitively priced offering, Greater Than’s solutions and AI based insight into risk plays a vital role in the digitization process of many of the world’s leading insurance companies.

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The insurance industry is digitizing

We’re happy to announce that we see clear growth and usage acceleration of our adjustable AI-based products and services.

During the second quarter of the year, the number of paying policyholders using our technology and platform increased by 41% compared to Q1 2019. Figures which testifies to an increasing number of major insurers now taking the step towards digitization seriously with our AI based platform Enerfy. We currently have a world-class AI based product offering which with 99.98% accuracy predicts real time risk individually per car/driver. The power in our solution, the essence of our range, are allowing new insurance solutions and business models to take place. On top of the existing scope, Greater Than provides a whole new risk insight, which is crucial for improvement profitability and a necessity for anyone who wants to develop new mobility services and subscription-based models, such as car sharing, car pools and car insurance.

With our world-unique AI-based platform Enerfy, our customers gets full function mobile insurance apps and a total overview of risk costs, pricing and claims frequency.

During the first two quarters of the year, we have driven sales and development at full speed. On May 7, we launched our powerful and digital full service offering, Enerfy Global. The new offering immediately received a lot of attention and strengthened our position in new markets.

Our close cooperation with FIA (Federation de l’Automotive) has also borne fruit. During this spring, we were invited to the FIA’s annual conference in South Africa and given the opportunity to introduce FIA Smart Driving Challenge (FIA SDC) for over 500 decision making representatives from racing and motor organizations worldwide. In just a few months, we have signed agreements with motor and mobility clubs’ and organizations now bringing out FIA Smart Driving Challenge on several markets.

I’m also happy to announce that FIA SDC now has participants enjoying the challenge in more than 20 countries, including Singapore, New Zealand, France, Ireland and Germany. Which is fantastic. We’ve also started to see the true effects of FIA SDC: after just a few weeks, participants reduced their risk for accidents by 30% by changing their driving behavior for the better. This is a fantastic result in the global work for a safer road environment and something that we are very proud of contributing to.

Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than

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